Friday, 10 June 2011


Hello lovelies! Hope you're all excited that it's Friday, which means one thing- the weekend! We're still busy at Tea and Crayons headquarters with our lovely sketchbook project, sending out our lovely packages to lucky recipients (when we get 1000 followers on our twitter, we're having a lovely giveaway!) and working on individual commissions too, so it's all go! I got inspired to draw daily, especially by the girls as we all keep each other motivated so I've been making quick sketches of stuff I've got lying around. I thought I'd share these perfume bottles and a bottle of my favourite shade of Barry M Nail Paint too! I don't know about you but I think glass bottles and even nail polish bottles are super pretty!
What's your favourite thing to draw, more relevantly what would you be happy to draw daily? I'd love to hear!

Happy Friday petals!

Natasha ♥ x x
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Kayleigh said...

Love your drawings Natasha and use if colour :) x

Rachel Clare Price said...

Ohh I love these natasha, soo pretty xx

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