Friday, 10 June 2011


Hello, back again! I also wanted to share with all our readers this wonderful website, Book By It's Cover and a few of my favourites that are on there, which I find super inspiring! I thought it kind of tied in with showing you a few pages out of my sketchbook- which I find hard to do, I'm always precious about my work! Here are some which I found pretty ♥

Julia Pott's wonderful world of animals at sea and beautiful hand drawn typography

Mia Christopher's fun and playful drawings

Katy Smail's tiny moleskine full of pretty girls and delicate butterflies ♥

Julia Rothman's accordion sketchbook *sighhh*

all images belong to Book By Its Cover and the artist's mentioned

Hope you enjoy looking at these lovely sketchbooks as much as I do! You can find more artists over at the lovely Book By Its Cover


Temporary:Secretary said...

I love Book By It's Cover too. Our graphics tutor at uni told us about us 2 years ago and I have been checking for it's updates every week. Another great post by you gals. x

Rachel Clare Price said...

I looove this website! Full of such lovey things!

Kayleigh said...

Ah I love this website too - such a lovely post Natasha, so glad you shared it :) xx

Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

Amazing find Natasha! Love it a lot, been browsing through for ages! :D xxx

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