Saturday, 27 November 2010

Kayleigh illustrates... strangers

Hello all. Rachel L's 'We illustrate' for this week was certainly a challenge, but I love the varied results we've seen so far and enjoyed the thrill of the challenge! Hehe.

My initial idea was to draw strangers while dining in fast-food's finest McDonalds (ha!), however it was really difficult. I managed to draw one lady sheepishly eating her chips (see top illustration) but didn't dare draw anyone else. The other two quick sketches I made came from when I held a craft stall. As I sat there freezing my toes off, I thought what better time than to draw a few strangers?

Doing these speedy sketches reminded me of my old life-drawing lessons. Do you regularly draw people on the go? If not, I say give it a whirl! It certainly tests your observational skills and loosens you up somewhat. Thanks for a great challenge Rachel :)

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Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

It's so hard isn't it! Ha sorry. But yeah it definitely felt like being back in life drawing - and I'm definitely going to keep drawing people on the tube, it's such a rush!

I need to get out more. Heh.

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