Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rachel L illustrates... Strangers

After I set this task, and I realised I had to actually do it, I started to regret it. I haven't drawn people in this way for a long long time and I was a bit scared! But then I just did it... and loved it. These are the best and most fully formed of the people I spotted; the problem with the Underground is someone can get up and leave and all you've got is an eyebrow and half a nose. But the great thing about the Underground is you get everyone from all walks of life.. and I think I'm going to keep drawing people, it totally beats reading nonsensical shit in the Metro and staring into space.

What's funny is that the majority of people I draw will be looking down; reading a book or the Metro themselves; I can't really draw people if they're looking right at me! Ha. And also, in the case of the woman, asleep too. Creepy.


Kayleigh Bluck said...

These are great Rachel - particularly like the little notes around your sketches and dashes of colour.

Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

Thanks! Yeah I added the colour when I got home after making the little notes; I just loved the dude's scarf! Looked like colgate toothpaste! Heh

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