Sunday, 28 November 2010

Inspiration: Ami Underground

After setting the weekly 'Strangers' theme, and knowing my main opportunity to do it would be while on the Tube, I remembered there was an artist I came across a few years ago that did a similar thing.

After much searching through my bookmarks, I remembered it was Ami.Underground and I spent a good while looking through his stuff again.

He spends literally every day drawing these people, on the NY subway, and he's amazing at it. He clearly has no qualms about drawing strangers and the fluidity and immediacy of his sketches are lovely.

Amazing right? Hope you've all had a good weekend, I'll be posting more inspiration stuff soon :)

Rachel L x

1 comment:

Abby Illustration said...

Ah these are great, I especially love that last one. I'm assuming he adds the colour later? Imagine getting out the coloured pencils on the tube haha, i want to do this!

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