Friday, 12 November 2010

Introducing Tea & Crayons - Rachel Clare Price

My name is Rachel Clare Price, and I live in sunny Newcastle upon Tyne

Describe your style and how you work:
I like to create a delicate and ethereal image. I always start with a pencil, I just love the pureity of graphite - I build up watercolour and ink and scan all elements so I can compose and edit my image digitally.

What/Who inspires you:
I am inspired alot by nature and folklore, I like to create stories that the viewer can interpret. I surround myself with sketchbooks, magazines, books and music when I work so that influences me in a huge way.

Favourite type of illustration to work on:
Editorial and fashion illustration

Proudest moment of your career so far:
A double page spread in Oh Comely magazine (above) - my illustration about lost things was featured as the title image for the feature. I loved creating this, they were really great and gave me alot of freedom, it was really exciting to see it in print and I've had some great feedback from it too.

Ambitions for the next 5 years:
To continue to work as an artist and designer. I'd love to get involved with textile printing and surface pattern, and maybe have my own studio/gallery space/shop (or combination of all 3!) one day

Favourite Tea?
Tetley! Breakfast tea, a classic. Two sugars please

Favourite Crayon Colour?
A blue/turquoise combination

Guilty Pleasure:
Biscuits. Mmmm

If you were an animal you would be:
A cat. So I can sleep all day!

Cake or Curtains?

Dogs or Dancing?


Abby Illustration said...

Aww I do love your bird sweet ♥

itslikeart said...

thankyou! I'm very fond of him, we spent alot of time together hehe

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