Saturday, 13 November 2010

Introducing Tea & Crayons - Natasha ♥

Hello! my name is Natasha Thompson and I live in a sleepy village not too far from Nottingham.

Describe your style and how you work:
Hand drawn typography and collage make up a lot of my illustrations. I think my style is quite feminine, pink and delicate. Pink paper is my favourite.I work amongst a mountain of felt tips, vintage books and found papers on a big white desk with awesome film soundtracks on in the background.

What/Who inspires you:
I love fairy tales, pretty, nostalgic things like old typography, old photos, flowers, deers, vintage fabrics, my own collections of books like Alice in Wonderland, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Marilyn Monroe biographies, films by Sofia Coppola, lovely tv shows like the Tudors.

Favourite type of illustration to work on:
I love doing editorial illustrations because they're so quick you have to really get stuck in and that level of spontaneity is what's needed sometimes. But I also love illustrating fun things like mixtapes and posters too!

Proudest moment of your career so far:
I was shortlisted for the Sh! Awards this summer and travelled to Leeds to present my portfolio to the panel of judges, amazing designers and illustrators amongst them all. They were so lovely about my work and gave me a load of confidence. I remember thinking how surreal it was sat in the beer garden of a pub nearby the venue drinking Pimms in the sunshine. It was an amazing experience and I got to share it with my family too. Also, being part of regularly contributing to Amelia's Magazine has been fantastic and getting involved with the amazing Compendium of Fashion.

Ambitions for the next 5 years:
To become a freelance illustrator, I would love to collaborate with a tea company on designs because I'm so obsessed with tea and illustration!

Favourite Tea?
English breakfast tea! A big Cath Kidston mug full of the lovely stuff! No sugar, just milk.

Favourite Crayon Colour?

Guilty Pleasure:
Sprite & disney films ohhh and Glee (yes i have the playlist on spotify- don't stop belieeeevinn) haha ♥

If you were an animal you would be:
a fluffy floppy eared bunny rabbit

Cake or Curtains?
chocolate cake!

Dogs or Dancing?
dancing dogs like on Charlie and Lola! ha!

Website/Twitter etc...
♥ ♥ ♥


Tanja said...

lovely :)

Abby Illustration said...

Aww i love that you love pink! Your text is beautiful :)

itslikeart said...

I love your hand written type too! gorgeous x

the secret tea party said...

Tanja, Abby and Rachel you are all too kind! thank you lovelies x x

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