Thursday, 11 November 2010

Introducing Tea & Crayons - Abby Wright

Hello! My name is Abby Wright and I'm from a lovely village in East Yorkshire :) (the biggest village in England I believe)

Describe your style and how you work
I love using my trusty wacom tablet to begin my drawings. I draw straight into photoshop, then once the initial drawing stage is done, I start to bring in the scanned in textures (clothing, paper, anything!) and work up the illustration. I truly love it when it comes to the finalising stages, where the illustration is good but has something missing. This is where I start to add in the fine details that make it perfect.

What/Who inspires you
I get a lot of inspiration from other artists, illustrators and crafters, fashion, my family, romance, love, living in Yorkshire and a lot from my boyfriend (It's him in the illustration below - I draw him too much!)

Favourite type of illustration to work on
I would say I work best in an editorial style. Recently, however, I have started to fall in love with fashion illustration. I have done many fashion illustrations for Amelia's Magazine. It's what I really love doing!

Proudest moment of your career so far
The proudest moment of my career so far (although I'm not even out of University yet- I'm in my final year!) was having my work chosen to be included in a book of fashion illustration (Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration). I couldn't quite believe it and still can't- my work being published?! Exciting! :)

Illustration for Amelia's Magazine.

Ambitions for the next 5 years
I'd love to be working for magazines and papers, creating editorial and fashion illustration pieces! Having a job doing something I absolutely love would be a dream come true :) also, having other illustrators know my name and recognise my style would be amazing!

Favourite Tea? 
Yorkshire tea! I like it strong but milky, I'm not fussy at all ;)

Favourite Crayon Colour?
Green! I'm really into my pale/sage greens but also love a deep green. Anything in between will not do. I also love a deep, burnt orange.

Guilty Pleasure
Much like Kayleigh, my guilty pleasure is coke. But diet coke, which I've heard is worse. Oh and chocolate! I also spend too much time on the internet ;)

If you were an animal you would be
I would want to be a cat! Roaming around, playing, sleeping and eating with no cares in the world? Yes please!

Cake or Curtains? 
Me and my boyfriend haven't got around to putting up curtains in the house yet (just blinds) so I've learnt to live without! Cake, however, I probably couldn't live without.

Illustration for Amelia's Magazine.

Dogs or Dancing? 
Dancing! I love dancing, and getting carried away in a good song! 

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Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

I didn't know you worked on a tablet! It looks so natural! And that last cake illo - amazing. xx

Abby Illustration said...

Hehe, I like to make it look hand drawn ;) it's just that little bit faster for me! :) and thaaank you!

itslikeart said...

Ohh I want that cake

Hazel Castle said...

I love these illustrations, I really like the little hints of white. Lovely

Claire said...

i LOVE your work!
the lady in red is gorgeous *sigh*

Abby Illustration said...

Aww thank you everyone! So sweet :) really glad your like my work!

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