Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tea & Crayons at the Domestic Sluttery/Homemade London Event: Paper & Penmanship!

The Tea & Crayons are very happy to announce that a few of our members will be taking part in the Paper & Penmanship Event in London, September 18th 2011, in conjunction with Domestic Sluttery and Homemade London.

The event is all about the art and craft of letter writing; and it's importance in this increasingly digital age! When was the last time you actually wrote a letter to someone? That personal touch is beginning to get lost in a sea of emails, so the event is designed to get you back in touch with your handwriting and the art of sending lovely letters!

We will be holding a workshop in the afternoon slot (3-6pm) where we'll help you design some pretty postcards and lovely letters to send away! Composition, collage, doodling, cutting, sticking.. that's the name of the game!

Tickets are available here and are selling fast! The day is rounded off with a discussion about social media and how our letter writing has changed since we started emailing. "Does it matter that we don't write by hand anymore? Do the words count more than old fashioned pen and paper?"

It will be a fantastic day and we're so proud and excited to be involved! See you there!

Rach L x

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Siany said...

We're thrilled to have you!

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