Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hello lovelies, hope you're all well! I've been working on a lovely collaboration with Jaclyn Bethany of Audrey Grace Boutique, here's a little look at the illustrations I've been doing. These are still in the early stages but it's such a wonderful project to be working on. I can't wait to share more illustrations and limited edition creations for the boutique. I'm spending my days surrounded by felt tips, piles of paper, cups of tea and listening to pretty playlists. I've also watched more Audrey Hepburn films- thanks to my sister, who is an Audrey fan, borrowing me her Audrey Hepburn collection. So far my favourite has to be Breakfast At Tiffany's, it makes me want to move to New York and wear pink candy coloured dresses.
Audrey Grace Boutique is going to stock all manner of pretty illustrations from illustrators like Caitlin Shearer, Kerri-Anne Hulme and Grace Hamilton and bespoke fashion pieces from designers Tatty Devine, TBA and Alexandra Grecco.

Lovely blogs featuring illustrations and interviews for Audrey Grace Boutique can be read here too- Grace Hamilton's blog, Calla O'Malley's preview of work for the boutique and Emmakisstina's project for the shop! ♥

Take care lovelies,

Natasha ♥ x


Calla said...

Lovely illustrations! I can't wait to see the finished products!

FAYE WEST said...

How lovely doll! Well done old chum! x

Jaclyn said...

hey lovelies! follow audrey grace's blog..

Natasha ♥ said...

Thanks Calla, so kind of you! :) x

Well, tah very much my lovely Faye! :) x

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