Monday, 18 April 2011

Hello Monday

Hi loves! Hope you’ve all had a good weekend! What've you all been up to?

I went down to Manchester and spent the day wandering round the northern quarter looking at crafty things, vintage shops and drinking tea - ideal way to spend a sunny saturday :)

I went to this craft centre called & Made was a fun place full of nifty hand made things. It’s also a working studio which was cool to see the artists working away as they sell things. I found it quite inspiring for our collective :) I would love to have a little studio one day


There was this huge set of drawers full of badges (almost as good as ours tehee)

Cute heart shaped decorations and things...

There's a couple more photies over at my blog
I'm gonna go dust off my sunglasses so i can enjoy the sunshine while it's here :)



Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

Looks like we all had quite nice crafty/vintage weekends! :D

Rachel Clare Price said...

Yay, best way to spend the weekend :D

Temporary:Secretary said...

Such pretty images. I need to visit & Made - looks right up my street! xxx

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