Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Weekend Goodness

Hey Crayonettes! Did you all have lovely sunshine-filled Easter breaks? Just want to do a little post full of all the things I got up to this weekend :)

I got a lovely print in the post from the ever so talented Sandra Dieckmann - do check out her work.

I went to Clacton-On-Sea with the family on Easter Saturday, did British things like play Crazy Golf and watched mother nearly die of the cold in the North Sea. Verr funny. (she was fine.)

Then on Easter Sunday, we mainly just took advantage of the weather, and my mum's lovely garden:

 Me and le Brother.

 Bracken had fun too.

I also de-weeded my own garden, back in London, on the monday, so that it's now habitable:

And lastly, finished a little banner illustration for the lovely Helen Martin's blog:

Fellow Tea & Crayoners Fritha and Natasha also did a banner too, I'm sure they'll be posted up soon!

You can read more in depth about all my weekend exploits (and other interesting things!) over at my site - www.rachelsayshello.com

What did you all get up to? Eat lots of chocolate?? x


Rachel said...

Sounds like lush weekend! Love the banner for Helens blog too :D

Natasha ♥ said...

Aww Rachel this is a really lovely post! I love the fact you had an awesome easter weekend! The seaside looks grand! Loving the banner for Helen's blog! Beautiful! I only got one easter egg! Can you believe that! But it was a creme egg one, so I suppose that's 3 eggs?! lots of loves! x x x

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