Monday, 10 January 2011

Personal Illustration Style?

All these posts are getting me thinking too! Being in my final year I am finding contradicting views from my tutors. I'm told I must demonstrate a consistent personal visual signature but I'm also being encouraged to continue experimenting. Hmm. I'm trying to do both these things - I've been doing some experimental print work (with I hope to incorporate into some new illustrations!), as well as breaking away from my love of fashion illustration. I hope these new pieces are still recognisable as my work.

I feel the line work, colours and use of textures have become quite recognisable as my work. Anyway, with a presentation of all my work so far this year coming up next week, we will see if the tutors agree! One thing for sure though, this year has taught me how important networking is, and I hope my tutors will appreciate the amount of work I have put in. If nothing else, networking introduced me to Fritha, Rachel, Natasha, Kayleigh and Rachel, and starting Tea and Crayons has certainly kept me happy and excited about the future, so proud to be here!

Anyway, here are my latest illustrations. I decided to try my hand at floral illustrations after finding this competition over on the Tigerprint blog! I'm very pleased with the results and have started work on some others because I enjoyed it so much!

Here is the early stages of my next one!

I'll post them when they're done so you can see! Hope everyone is well!

Abby x

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the secret tea party said...

beautiful Abby! the muted colours are perfect! your line work is sublime i would love this as some wallpaper or fabric in my home >_< x x

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