Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tigerlilly Quinn Illustrates - Home

Home is such an important place. Its not just a house or where abouts your live, its a feeling.

In my 25 years (just) I have lived in... about 20 houses? may even be more I'm not sure! As a child we moved abouts wasn't something I was to keen on at the time to be fair, but now I actually appreciate it.

I have experienced living in all different parts of the UK and met all sorts of different people. It has also made me appreciate my home now, being settled and living in Bristol.

My picture therefore is not really of a particular place but what I feel makes a home! 

Hope you like! xoxo


Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

Ha that is so cute! I love it :) Going to hopefully do my home one tonight; my home is currently under a foot of snow!

Rachel Clare Price said...

sweet illo fritha!!
My home is also buried under a blizzard! Lets illustrate some snow

Kayleigh Bluck said...

*blank white square - illo of both Rachels' home* haha!
This is really sweet Fritha and I couldn't agree with the statement more! :D

Abby Illustration said...

Aww this is so so lovely Fritha! :) I might draw my sad little garden snowman ;) x

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