Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rachel L illustrates... Home

Hello all!

This week I've done 2 illustrations for this theme; here's the first one!

This is my front door, in London, covered in snow! It's a tricky one because although I call this home - as in 'I'm going home' - it's not actually. HOME home is back in Bedfordshire, and I miss it a lot! In London I live in a terraced house; it's amazing, I love it, my housemates are ace, but it's cold and our neighbours are NOISY BASTARDS. In Beds we have a nice posh detached house (ooo la la), I can drive when I go home (driving in London = no no) I miss my dog and my mum's cooking a lot, especially in the winter! But it's not all bad; I'm living the London life, and it's quite cheap, considering. I love London. Last night I was walking home along a big hill near New Cross and could see the entire London skyline; London Eye, Canary Wharf, the lot. It was a very profound moment.

This was a quick line drawing, with digital collage of an actual photo of my front door. Number 13!! Dun dun dun.

More in a bit :) x

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