Thursday, 9 December 2010

Abby illustrates... home

Hello you lovely lot! I'm very sorry for being so behind this week.. being in my third year (excuses, excuses..), it's suddenly hit me how much work i've got on. I'm not work shy, in fact my biggest problem is I try to take on too much, then it all hits me..

I'm sharing some quite literal pieces, although I agree with the others in that, for me,  home is where my family, boyfriend and cats are!

I love old buildings! I really love the idea of having my own beautiful, Edwardian style house with lots of original features, including sash windows of course!

I drew this door a while ago, but thought i'd include it. Again it's a steady original door, and i think it's kind of beautiful (despite the fact it's just a door!)

I'm looking forward to sharing my next pieces with you all!

Abby x


Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

This is ace! Did you do it all on illustrator? Lovely quality to the line. Niiice x

Abby Illustration said...

Thank you! I did it in photoshop :) i must say, i do enjoy a good bit of line drawing! x

SOFIA said...


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