Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What home means

Illustration by Lizzy Stewart 

When we started to do up our home we realised we had lots of decisions to make in regards to the materials we would use. Would we paint or wallpaper? Carpet or wooden floors? In the end we chose carpet for the top of our home and wooden for the downstairs. I actually really regret carpeting the top now and wish we had just paid for wood everywhere! I much prefer it especially as you can just pop a cosy rug on the ground if you fancy a change.

To be honest though when you've decide on either the decision making doesn't stop there! There are so many different prices and ranges and colours to choose from when it comes to wood that it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. We also found that it was hard to imagine the type of wood in our home. I love that the Luxury Flooring and Furnishing company send you as many samples as you like to test out in your own home.

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