Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Homes with personality and window's with faces

Illustration by Jasper Gold

I adore the colour constrasts between the blue and yellows. Something so refreshing about those graphic lines too. Doesn't it look like a face too?
illustration by Roger Duvoisin

Aren't these illustration of houses wonderful? I think one of the first thing I ever drew as a child was a lovely two up two down. There is something quite comforting in illustrating buildings. 

Maybe I love illustrations of houses as it gives them a personality? Like those inanimate objects that seemingly have faces. Or alternatively illustrations on houses like this cute window! I think giving homes personality is so important, wouldn't it be brilliant to be able to illustrate your front room window like this? I often think that being a visual merchandiser would be such a great job, giving shop window's a personality. Another great option is illustration on home items,  for illustrated blinds why not check out the VELUX range?

In associated with VELUX

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