Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Caffe Cagliari

Illustration by Helen Leslie 

If there is one thing I love, love, love it's coffee. Oh my gosh there is not one day that goes by when I don't have one. As a parent there are not many times I get to indulge and so coffee is my go-to treat and pick-me-up.

My favourite time of day to drink coffee is just after the nursery drop off, I might sit in a cafe and people watch whilst sipping slowly or grab a takeaway latte from my local cafe on the way back to work-from-home.

I've spoken with my boyfriend for a good while how a coffee machine would most certainly save us a great deal of money, gone would be my cafe priced indulgences and instead I could enjoy the same quality treat in the comfort of our own home, maybe drunk with the paper on a Sunday morning? (Oh wait no that's a luxury pre-motherhood surely?).

Caffe Cagliari are an Italian family run company that have been making good coffee for over 100 years.   You can learn all about their history and coffee making methods on their site but what I found great to know was that their capsules were Nespresso compatible. This means I have even more reason to convince the boyfriend of our need for a good home coffee machine!

What's your favourite types of coffee?

You can also find Caffe Cagliari on Twitter and Facebook

in association with Caffe Cagliari 


Nayna Kanabar said...

I can't drink strong coffee it gives me migraines so I stick to de decaffeinated lattes.

Alex Cooke said...

I love a good macchiato!
You'll have to people watch out of your window instead of the cafe now!

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