Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tea & Crayons hit Shoreditch

First of all a huge thank you to everyone who came down to Uncontained Boxpark in Shoreditch East London yesterday and had cake with us, we had a blast drawing corgis, crowns and hanging with the guys at Shellsuit Zombie and 55DSL! 

They took all these lovely photos, there are a few more over at the flickr, take a peek. 

(Rachel P, Rachel L & Abby W!)

Unfortunately we were 3 crayons short but they were very much there in spirit, we missed you Natasha, Kay and Fritha very much! Much love for all your support and help organising the day, we couldn't have done it without you! One day we will all be together <3 

There are rumours of a video involving a beer can and a screw driver so you won't want to miss that one...


Natasha ♥ said...

Aww I love this! I missed you guys too so much! Love the photos & artwork! AMAZE! I really want to see the beer/ screwdriver video <3 Much love x x

Wake up the Land said...

Looks so fun - live drawing is such an ace addition to the night!

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