Tuesday, 12 June 2012

T&C Inspired: Jessica Gowling

After all the excitement of uncontained, we've finally had a moment or two to catch up on the interweb, and welcome our creative friends to our blog! The lovely Jessica Gowling has shared some of her favourite work with us <3

Jessica Gowling

Where are you from: 
Canada, the great white north

Tell us a little bit about your work: 
I am an avid animal lover, and my company name is "nature's my friend," (because we make art together). I am obsessed with textures: fur, scales, and similar repetitive natural patterns have always been some of my favorite things to draw. I suppose I would label my work as "animal portraiture" since I mostly focus on individual creatures; I view them as special beings with their own stories to tell.

Who, what and/or where inspires you: 
Wild animals, line, process, detail, nature, texture, time, voids, fleeting moments, drawing, touch, learning, memory, intimacy, nostalgia, narrative, chance, love, anatomy, letters, postage stamps, and Canadiana collectively motivate my practice.

What’s your favourite tea: 
Green tea is always a go-to but I am currently loving a loose leaf Mango Apricot tea as well.


I adore these postcard sets, not just because I am the fan of a creature, but how she's photographed them for her shop too. I want a nice rustic door to put some pretty things on

We love a wolf as well! 


mizhenka said...

This is a great little feature - I love Jessica Gowling's work!

Stephanie Piercy said...

Oh, such pretty work! Will definitely have to browse her blog x

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