Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New work by Fritha!

Hello! did you miss me? its been a while..
WELL I'm pleased to say I am back! My little boy is now almost five months old (crazy!) and I'm finding time for illustrating again. Maybe not as much as before granted but a little here a little there, life is good!
I've been working on a few different commissions lately and am pleased to be able to share my latest one here with you all. It was so much fun working on this wedding invite, i couldn't help smiling when they told me penguins were a must!
If you want to find out more about my custom designs then just head over to my blog and say hi!
Tea and Crayons have so many exciting things in the pipeline 2012 is going to be pretty fun! (ok I know its May but for me its the new year ok? ;) )
You can also find me at Bristol with Kids!


Abi said...

Lovely work! And welcome back to illustration :)

Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

Love this! It's so cute! Why does one of the cats have a halo? Is it dead? D: xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Yes it's dead! But they wanted it in the invitation anyway, so cute! Haha x

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