Friday, 18 May 2012


images: weheartit
This month I'm totally loving flowers, fresh ones that sit prettily outside florists, market stalls, people's tiny gardens along our terraced street, wild ones in urban locations, fragrant ones that colour the local parks. I bought some not so long ago and they lasted ages and made me feel much better in a matter of seconds. I've also been planting some in our own little garden this week so I'm hoping pretty soon they will come out and say hello. I love the fact you can take inspiration from them, rooms can be brightened up with the smallest vase (or tea cup, or even jam jar) of flowers, they're super pretty in your hair, I love to draw them and their amazing colours are what we copy for pastel coloured clothes and even rad locks. So cheers, flowers! You're pretty cool.

What are you lovelies up to this weekend? Hope it's gonna be a nice one where we can all sit out in the sunshine and enjoy an ice lolly (or two!) <3 Natasha xx
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