Friday, 3 February 2012

T&C Inspired: BunnyBosworth

Today's crafty goodness comes from one of my oldest friends, back in the days when we buttoned ourselves together, drew dinosaurs and bounced up and down on bouncy castles when no one was looking.  We are still creative souls at heart. 

The wonderful Miss Natalie Bosworth - designer, craft maker and lover of knitted things. 

Natalie Bosworth

Where are you from:
Originally from a tiny town that no-one's heard of near York, but now I live by the sea in Crosby, Liverpool.

Tell us a little bit about your work:
I'm a stitcher, knitter and crocheter of many things and think of my creations as a vehicle for colour and pattern. The things I design; bags, jewellery, decorations, are always very simple in shape and style, with the materials and yarns doing all the work. I've been hoarding fabrics for years so when I use them I like to show them off, by pairing them with contrasting prints and colours, mixing up vintage Liberty prints, woolen tweeds and modern quilting fabrics. I've been developing embroidery and smocking designs to incoorporate in my work too, I'm really keen to emphasize the handmade aspect of my work and use some really traditional skills in a new way .It's a sort of 'pick and mix' approachresulting in an abundance of colour and texture.

Who, what and/or where inspires you
I trained as a costume designer and do freelance theatre work, and I'm very inspired by costume and fashion history, I love the handmade skills in old clothes and the way you can sense the person who made it. I go through phases of loving different eras but at the moment It's all about the 20's and 30's, lots of tweed and Fairisle jumpers, country house parties and the Mitford Sisters. Living by the sea for the last year has been very inspiring too, it's nice to be able to go for a walk on the beach whenever I like and it's a great place for people watching!

(What’s your favourite tea: 
I work in a cafe that sells 32 varieties of loose leaf tea but they haven't weaned me off the Yorkshire Tea yet!

Twitter: @BunnyBosworth

We're very much enjoying all the bunting, we can't wait to hang it from our studio one day.  

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