Saturday, 28 January 2012

T&C Inspired: Joanne Hawker

Hi loves! Hope you're all having a good weekend.

We have a new T&C inspired section where we'll be featuring some of our favourite illustrators, designers and general creative types and chatting to them about their beautiful work.  

Our first is the very lovely artist, Joanne Hawker who sent us some gorgeous illustrations (the owl is a personal fave of mine, she must've known we like a bird drawing). She has such a lovely delicate and organic style to her work.

Joanne Hawker

Where are you from: 
I’m from a little village in a small corner of South Somerset.

Tell us a little bit about your work: 
My work tends to be quite varied as I still feel that I haven’t found my one true style yet so I like to experiment with lots of different techniques and ideas. Everything I do starts as a little biro doodle in my notebook and then I draw it neatly, ink it up, scan it in and render it digitally in Photoshop or illustrator or sometimes both! A lot of my work focuses around the natural world, as I tend to have many obsessions with woodland animals so expect to see a few foxes or owls in my work. I also have bit of thing for paper textures so they also play a huge part in the backgrounds of my creations.  This year I’m going to try and experiment with being a bit more minimal as its something I find difficult. Basically, I like to try and do a bit of everything when it comes to my work!

Who, what and/or where inspires you: 
As I said above the natural world plays a big part in my work, so a trip to the woods or the beach can spark off a variety of ideas. Or even the early morning cycle ride through the country lanes to work has been known to throw up a few ideas. There are a huge number of people on twitter who inspire me on a daily basis but there are too many to name so if you want to know who just read through the massive list of people I follow! :)

What’s your favourite tea: 
Tea! My favourite drink! Yum! I have to have at least 3 cups minimum of PG Tips or Clipper Tea everyday. Can’t beat it! Or as a treat I love love love Whitards fruit tea. Elderflower or Summer Fruits being my favourites.

Twitter: @joannehawker

You can buy her wonderful little calendar (pictured below) on her etsy shop, we'll be wanting to get our hands on one of those to keep our plans in order :)


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