Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tea, Postcards & Book binding fun

Happy Sunday loves!
Are you all having a good weekend? This blog is a little bit late, but better late than never! Last sunday the Rachels went along to Homemade London to take part in a crafty filled day with Domestic Sluttery making postcards and drinking tea! An ideal sunday afternoon for us crayonettes.

We went along early to join in the bookbinding workshop which was super fun (and for someone who hasn't picked up a needle and thread since school - surprisingly easy!)

Ta daa... aren't our notebooks adorable?!

Rachel L - hard at work cutting and sticking postards :)

My postcard - a work in progress

We had a lovely day, many thanks to the girls at Homemade London, Domestic Sluttery!
Rach L has a few more piccies cause she was clever enough to remember a camera, but she's away on her hols (jealous) so they'll have to wait til she's back in London town.

x x

1 comment:

charls said...

This looks like such a lovely day! Jealous! And your notebooks look great!

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