Sunday, 15 May 2011 Interview with Rachel L

Hope you're all having good sundays and have had nice productive weeks? We certainly have; it's all go here at T&C HQ!

I was kindly interviewed by the lovely peeps at Jotta, who have just launched a competition in conjunction with Wacom Bamboo, and are on the hunt for drawn definitions of ‘Style’. They asked to interview me on my own opinions of the definition of style, especially within fashion illustration. They were also interested in Tea & Crayons and how we individually tackle the idea of style.

Click here to read the full article on – here’s a small extract however:

Why did you start the Tea and Crayons collective, and how did you all meet?
We all met through Twitter actually; which sounds a lot stranger than it is! There's a very close community of illustrators on there, and it came about quite organically - we are from all over the country but in some ways this makes us quite unique. We started it because as a freelance illustrator, it can be quite a lonely existence - at first it was quite a casual set up, emailing each other for support, advice, but now we share contacts, promote each other's work, have a collective blog and aim to have an exhibition this year. There is no way any of us would be able to contact so many art directors and drum up so much interest if we were all still working solo.

What are the varying types of fashion illustration which the other members create?
Abby Wright is very much about the detail and precision, she loves illustrating jewellery and embellished clothing. She works mainly digitally so this really suits her. Whereas Natasha Thompson and Rachel Price prefer a much more soft, feminine type which alludes to fairytales and the romance of fashion. Kayleigh Bluck and myself like to be quite true to the original designs and represent them in that way, whereas Fritha Strickland has a wonderful childlike-quality to her work which is less about true representation and more about how the clothes make you feel.

The competition is great as well; submit your entry for the chance to win an iPad2 with an awesome Bamboo Stylus pen, which allows you to draw directly onto your iPad!
“Have you ever wanted to capture your thoughts on the iPad? Ever wanted to be creative, to draw and sketch on it, just like on a note book?
Wacom’s brand new Bamboo Stylus allows you to do exactly this. It is ideal for handwriting notes, drawing, sketching and much more on your iPad.
How to win this incredible bundle? Take this canvas and show us what it means to you to be stylish. Draw, sketch or write about your personal definition of “STYLE”.
Upload your stylish imagery or illustration here
You can increase your chances of making it into the TOP 10 by getting all your friends to like your creation. Our jury will then select the most creative and inventive submission. The winner gets one brand new Bamboo Stylus AND an iPad2.
The remaining shortlisted entries will get one Bamboo Stylus each.”
Thanks so much for the interview, Jotta!

Rachel L x x

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