Saturday, 9 April 2011

I Saw You

Morning! Its so sunny in ol blighty, all I can think is sandals, skirts without tights and iced tea in the sun! (or maybe ahem a larger beer).
Anyways I just thought I'd pop in to mention my 'I Saw You' project. 
It is basically my little (just for fun) project (inspired by Venue magazine) is about depicting the moment you saw someone you really care can be anyone even your pets! But I love to hear about those special moments when you see someone you just cant get out of your head :) 
We have had a few Tea and Crayoners on there before and some other brilliant submissions. If you are interested in featuring then just email me (fritha - Tigerlilly Quinn - whatever you would like to call me) at frithastrickland at hotmail dot com.

And have a lovely Saturday! xoxox0


Rachel Clare Price said...

can't believe I havent joined in with this one yet I'm so behind

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

haha no probs Rachel! xx

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