Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tea & Crayons in Compound Magazine

Morning everyone. Some exciting news today; a couple of us have had our work featured in issue 1 of Compound Magazine! It's not out on general internet release yet, but we've got a copy here you can download!

Click here to download Issue 1 of Compound Magazine - Chemistry.

The idea of Compound Magazine is it's like a visual mixtape - each artist picks a song that they think represents the theme of 'Chemistry' and creates a piece of art of written piece that reflects it. The finished magazine is great, everyone's interpretation of the theme is so different, and the people that have taken part are all so talented.

This is my piece, inspired by the song Rest My Chemistry by Interpol, which is about cocaine addiction.
 This is Abby Wright's piece, based on Wet Wet Wet's Love is All Around. Aww :D
 And this is Rachel Price's, based on Friend of the Night by Mogwai.

Do have a download and browse through, the work is stunning! Rachel L xx


Rachel Clare Price said...

I love both your illustrations :)

(I heart the interpol song too - good choice!)

Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

Yes yours is amazing too, really nice amount of white space :)

Ah yes, brill song. Got to love a bit of drug abuse in song form!!

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