Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pick Me Up @ Somerset House

Hi Crayonettes!
Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine (while it lasts!)
The Rachels went to Somerset House at the weekend and had a nice day out in London town.

Myself (Rachel P) and Rachel L popped along to the Pick Me Up graphic art fair at Somerset House on Sunday to see all the lovely artwork and graphic design.

There lots of amazing artwork on display, the place is packed full of all kinds of image makers from typographers to animators, graphic designers and independent illustrators.  Definitely worth a visit.

One of our favourite illustrators Kate Moross made an appearance with her colourful prints, we love her work, its so bold

There was lots of hand made type and letterpress around as well which we loved - I took a picture of the letter R. For Rachel. :)

It was alot of fun, well worth it, we're full of inspiration for own little collective - maybe one day we'll be at Somerset House! I think Rach has some better photos she may share with us later.

Much love!

Edit: Hello, Rachel L here! I do indeed have some more photos, check it:

T& C for... Tea & Crayons!

Seiko Kato
 Jules Julien
 Clara Terne

Revenge is Sweet
Takeru Toyokura
Polly Becker
Rach enjoying one of the It's Nice That books!

I've written a full review over on my blog, click here to have a look! Was a great day, and lovely to meet a fellow Crayonette! :D

Rach L xx


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Lovely! Cant wait for full T & C meet soon! xx

Rachel Clare Price said...

me too! Lets have a plan sooon x

Anonymous said...

Cool creations! The artworks are so nice!
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Kayleigh Bluck said...

Nice post :) I went Thursday - will have to blog my pics too x

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