Wednesday, 26 January 2011

You are just my type


Do you love Valentines or hate it? Think its just a silly commercial holiday? I'm a bit torn..

I love it, but  I do think its a bit silly that you should force someone to show they 'love you' on a certain day a year..why not say it/show it unexpectedly on another day in the year?
When I worked in retail I used to get hundreds of guys come into the shop at about 4.30 on Valentines day panicking about cards and presents..well that doesn't show someone you love them..that shows someone that you are supposed to buy them a card because everyone else is doing it..that doesn't really mean anything I don't think..

But I did end up doing these silly little cute cards..I am a bit of a sucker for 'cute' haha

This year we are going to Barcelona a few days before Valentines..that will be our Valentines and then Feb 14th will just be another day :) I cant wait! xoxo


Sherrie Cola said...

Haha liking these..I think it's quite commercialised.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely and reminded me of the time my kids saw a typewriter and had no idea what it was!
I also can't decide about valentines day, I just think hand made cards are always best, even if they are hastily cobbled together using cellotape and photocopies ( the best one I ever got!) However the starving artist in me would like to sell ALOT of cards and gifts to panic stricken men!

Little Miss Delicious said...

I love the cards, they're so cute :) I'm the same about Valentine's Day, I don't see why there should be just one day for showing someone you care about them, spontaneity is the way forward!

Freya Marshall said...

These are so cute. Simple yet effective :)

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