Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Should I work for free? By Jessica Hische

Brilliant piece of design by the amazingly talented Jessica Hische. Asks the eternal question all us illustrators and graphic designers ask ourselves; Should I work for free?

(The answer is generally a resounding No. Something I suspected all along...)

My favourite part? "Did they promise you 'exposure' or a 'good portfolio piece'? Yes? This is the most toxic line of bullshit anyone will ever feed you."

I perhaps wouldn't have put it so strongly, but essentially, it's true. Will it stop me working for free? Probably not. It's the old 'If I don't do it, someone else will...'

(The whole 'we are killing our own industry' discussion could be left for another day...)


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

That chart it ace, I know what you mean..x

Rachel Clare Price said...

I was going to reblog this hehe you beat me to it!

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