Monday, 15 November 2010

Ballad Of - Nanny Floff Launch Party

Hello! Fritha here, hope you all had a lovely weekend?

I was off in London town with my mister for the Ballad Of party in Shorditch. I had an apsolute fail regarding pics I'm afraid as my Iphone as no flash and I forgot my camera!

'Ballad Of ' is a magazine that was founded by two 'Northern Art geeks' (Lindsey & Claire) who are based in South London.

They spend their time publishing art they love in their own magazine and online exhibition space for brand new, emerging artists

They are stocked in : RD Franks,Jumbo Records (Leeds), The Tate Modern, Compton News, Selfridges, Harrods (Waterstones), Terrys News Stand, Rococo, Lauries, M2 (Covent Garden), Press Bureau, Magma (Covent Garden), Artswords Bookshop (Shoreditch) & Soho Original.
Tom and I turned up fairly early (after getting a little lost in the rain around Shorditch and trying to located ourselves on my Iphone map hehe). As soon as we turned up Lindsey and Claire greeted us with hugs and a free Nanny Floff cocktail (yum). I thought it might be kind of odd as I had spoken with them quite alot through the Internet but they are just as lovely in real life!

There was a live drawing event featuring the artists Iamanoctopus, Jamie Mills, Sandra Dieckmann, Natsuki Otani,  Murray Somerville & Thomas Bates . I didnt want to disturb them as I am a little in awe of a lot of these artists, but I really wish I had gone and said hello now!
images of Sandra Deikmand and Erd Octo
I did have the lovely Emma Block come up and say hello though and bumped into Stacie Swift both of who's art work I really love, and talk to regularly on twitter. I'm pretty sure there were more peeps there that I might of 'known' but would not recognise them as there twitter avatars are usually illustrations!

I also got to speak to the lovely Be from Ballad Of in person which was ace as I had recently designed her logo and bits and bobs for her website (which is due to go live any day now) and is going to be full of lots of lovely vintage clothes mmmm.

What did you get up to this weekend? xoxo

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Abby Illustration said...

Sounds fab! :)

Maybe one day we'll all be sipping cocktails and making big plans together! :)

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